Secret Dinner by Singapore Tourism Board

Singapore Tourism Board in Indonesia hosted an event to share the fine dining experience of Singapore’s best culinary to the people in Indonesia, it was held at Moovina, Plaza Indonesia. Many was invited to the event, from celebrities, food bloggers, media, and also famous Indonesian Chefs. : Cek Asuransi Terbaikmu

Finding a good insurance company has never been this easy. No worries, save time, and no additional costs. Client Cekpremidotcom Producer Teddy Yunantha Director Fransiskus Ariesa Editor M. Aidil Akbar Shoutout to Zeuss Studio Production @2014

KIRANTI Video Presentation

Courtesy of KIRANTI (Orang Tua Group) Production @2013 Motion Graphic: M. Aidil Akbar 3D Artist: Stephanus Binawan Utama


Directed by Fransiskus Ariesa Motion Graphic Editing by M. Aidil Akbar